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6.28.2011 Mediaeval- increase in information Transitions- Cities/Villages-fragment/growth of population Vicus/Vici- village – used to talk about smaller districts Church/parish- powerful, politics & faith drive people’s sensibilities, Christian faith that dominates most of w.europe, people donate their income to the parish, getting their news from the pope, most protected building, England- unified in 11 th century, henry II, evolution – common law, 13 th century- king John – forced to sign the Magna Carta, Domesday Book- located in England, tax record, 1080s, management of incomes, finances Common Law- evolution, codify the law of the day, distinguish: origin, trial by ordeals, based on Roman law France- Carolingian-new dynasty Ch.Martel- a new dynasty is emerged under his rule, “Carols” rules early 8 th century, succeeded by Pepan –
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Unformatted text preview: them succeeded by the Charlemagne Charlemagne- “Charles the Great”, succeeds Pepan & Ch. Martel, recognizes pope as a convenient supporter, allowed to be crowned emperor by the pope, takes title Augustus, wants to recreate roman authority – thinks he will be gain respect on Christmas, titled : “the new Augustus”, Holy Roman Empire- link faith and political power Otto I- Hanseatic League-Papacy-Schism-Investiture Controversy- the debate of who gets the right to choose local church authorities Gregory VII- pope in 11 th century, involved in a tremendous debate of the power & authority of the pope with the king, who has the right to choose local church authorities, who has the right?, involved wit Henry V, Dictatus Papae- written by Gregory Vii, the dictates of the pope, basically claims the rights that the pope has, essential in the understanding of power Gothic-Chartres-Crusades-...
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