Raymond's run - On the competition day, Squeaky intend to...

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Thamolbhorn mantasut Raymond's run Question 1# There is a little girl who lives in Harlem , New York City. She is just a skinny girl known as Squeaky because of her voice. She doesn't have much housework to do like other girls as the result of looking after her older brother, Raymond, who is not quite right. It had affected Squeaky's life because she mostly spended the time with her brother. she always protected Raymond from other kids whoever tease him. Therefore, she didn't have many friends and much free time. Squeaky was the fastest runner in her class. She signed up for a track meet called May Day Races. Squeaky had got so much pressures about the competition from others. Then, she hardly practices the breathing and running exercise for winning the first medal because she really wanted her friends, family, and others to respect her.
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Unformatted text preview: On the competition day, Squeaky intend to win the race. She started running while Raymond was running on the other side of the fence too. He amazed Squeaky because of his first run and she almost stopped running. She crossed the finish line. It was almost the same time with the other girl. The only thing that she wanted was to be the winner of the race. While she was waiting for the announcement for the first medal, she thought that Raymond could be a good runner and a champion. She was very happy and excited about her plan without thinking about the race. Finally, the announcer said the first place was Squeaky. The other girl smiled Squeaky. She knew that was a respects and congratulations. After the competition, Because of Raymond, She discovered that winning the race were not the most important thing in her life anymore....
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Raymond's run - On the competition day, Squeaky intend to...

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