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Two Kinds Amy Tan Question 3# There was a girl, Jing-Mei, she lived with her Chinese mother in California. Her mother believed that America was the land of opportunity. Jing-Mei could be a prodigy child according to the magazines, and television shows. She had learned the different topics, such as geography, beauty training school, math and music. She disappointed her mother many times because she wouldn't be what her mother wanted her to be. Until she started having a piano lesson, there were some hard conflicts between Jing- Mei and her mother shown in the story. She told her mother that she couldn't play piano, she wasn't a genius, and she wouldn't go on TV if her mother paid her a million dollars. Suddenly, her mother slapped her. Jing-Mei was forced to study piano with Mr. Chong. The teacher was very nice and kind. Even though he couldn't see very clear, he tried to teach her and help her. Jing- Mei's mother cleaned the teacher's house instead of paying the money for the classes. One day, she had to play the piano in a talent show. Her mother invited the
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