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Thamolbhorn Mantasut comparison essay (differences) Homeschool or Public School Thesis : Homeschool and public school both offers great advantages and disadvantages for students, but homeschooling provides more opportunities than public schooling. A: Social skills 1: Public school provides more social activities ex : working together in class or team. ex : studying in the same class for several years gives a friendship. 2: Homeschooling gives less social development. ex : Students don't learn how to communicate with different kinds of people. B: Expenses 1: Public school or private school is costly ex : Cost of food and ride. ex : Cost of the outfits.
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Unformatted text preview: 2: Homeschooling gives lower expense ex : People gradually become a homeschooler because of the price. C: Flexibility 1: Homeschool provides more flexibilities. ex : Homeschooling can be set up the schedules and curriculums. ex : less pressures, teach in the students' level. 2: Public school is not flexible. ex : Students are supposed to do everything punctually. ex : It might improve student's personality. CS : There is not every students can be good at homeschooling nor public schooling. Weighing the differences between public schools and home school before deciding, it would be the best for students....
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