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gravity(final) - graduation Then she asked"What do you...

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Gravity is a short story about a man with AIDS, Theo. The story is mostly about the struggles between his mother, Sylvia, and him. At the beginning of the story, the narrator says "Theo had a choice between a drug that would save his sight and drug that would keep him alive, so he chose not go to blind". Because of that, the mother who has a strong hope that she can help him to not give up. She is very protective of her son. How do I know? In the story, Leavitt uses the physical object, the bowl, represents the character in the story. First example when Sylvia and Theo went shopping at the store. They wanted to buy a present for Theo's cousin. Sylvia picked up the crystal bowl which is four hundred and fifty-nine dollars.The price of this bowl represents the value of life. Sylvia, the mother, really cares about the price because she wants to pay back Theo's aunt. Sylvia wants to remind her feeling when his aunt bought him a cheap present for his
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Unformatted text preview: graduation. Then, she asked "What do you think? Beautiful, isn't it?." "I think it's kind of ugly." said Theo. He doesn't feel of the pricy bowl. After that, Sylvia tossed the big bowl which is very heavy to Theo like a football. The heavy crystal bowl symbolizes the strong hope of the mother has for her son. In the same way, the crystal bowl also represents Theo's personality. The pricy bowl is impressive but it is easy to break. Theo is shattered easily as the crystal bowl because he is dying and giving up for life. There are many people who are living with the universal diseases such as HIV, cancers, and etc. People always face the hardships in lives. There is not only you that is facing the difficulty. Instead of complaining and being stressed in everything in your life, you should live in this world in the positive way. We should be optimistic. Be heavy and be strong for every situations as the crystal bowl....
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