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Gaston - daughter by his imagination"Gaston is just...

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The story of Gaston is about three characters with no names and a bug. One of the most interesting characters is the father. He has a big mustache and hairy arms. He has no shoes or socks. Also, He looks older than his age. The father has a unique attitude. For example, he is creative because he gives the name to the creature inside the damaged peach, Gaston. He also describes the appearances and the personality to his
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Unformatted text preview: daughter by his imagination. "Gaston is just the handsomest of his kind I've ever seen" says the father. He is funny. Another example, he says before goes out to buy more peaches "the important thing is what you want, not what I want". He seems to be kine. He is willing to do anything to make his daughter to be happy after the separation of the father and daughter. He might want his daughter to love and understand him....
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