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air pollution - monoxide among the traffic and buildings...

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Thamolbhorn Mantasut (Som) Air pollution paragraph 1# Air pollution negatively affects the environment. People is the main source of the air pollution by doing simple activities. F irst, people generally create the air pollution by driving a car . An increasing numbers of automobiles release the Carbon monoxide into the atmosphere by burning the gas. Especially, in the big city, the air quality is very low as the result of the Carbon
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Unformatted text preview: monoxide among the traffic and buildings. Manufacturer should reduce the numbers of cars and people who live in the city should take a bus, train ,or subway to go to work. The air pollution has grown by a variety of causes. We can start solving and protecting the problems by simple solution. People had better modify their behavior, otherwise the new generations might not have a chance to see a beautiful world....
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