HW.1 - Compute a the lift coefficient C L b The drag...

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Name:_________________________________________ AE 1350 HomeWork #1 Spring 2008 Due on Wednesday January 23, 2008 Show all units while doing numerical problems. Check the dimensions of the final answer. 1. In the three-view drawing of the Boeing 767 shown below identify the following parts. You need to write the number on the part in only one of the three views. For example, fuselage (Part No. 8) appears in three views. Just write 8 on this part on one of these views. 1. nose gear 10. flap 11. horizontal tail 2. elevator 9. wing 12. slat 3. engine 8. fuselage 13. engine nacelle 4. cockpit 7. main gear 14. nose gear door 5. rudder 6. aileron 15. spoiler
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Name:_________________________________________ 2. A Gulfstream IV Business jet weighing 73,000 lb is in steady level flight at an altitude of 33,000 ft. At this altitude, the density is 0.00089 slug/ft 3 . Its speed is 500 ft/s. The wing area is 950 ft 2 . The aspect ratio is 5.92. The aircraft is powered by two turbofan engines that generate a total thrust of 5,617 lb.
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Unformatted text preview: Compute: a) the lift coefficient C L b) The drag coefficient C D c) The wing loading (Lift / Wing Area) d) The wing span (Note: AR= Span ^2 / Wing Area) Find out in the book where these variables are defined, and use them. 3. Consider the low speed flight of the space shuttle as it is nearing landing. At the nose of the shuttle, the air pressure and temperature are 1.2 atm and 300 degrees K, respectively. Compute the density and specific volume. Note that specific volume equals inverse of density. 4. Calculate the weight of the air in lbf contained within a room that is 20 feet long, 15 feet wide and 8 feet tall, Assume standard atmospheric conditions. 5. If 1500 lbm of air is pumped into a previously empty 900 cubic feet capacity tank, and the air temperature within the tank is 70 deg F, what is the pressure in the tank in atmospheres?...
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HW.1 - Compute a the lift coefficient C L b The drag...

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