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Design Report - unmodified design one - RobotDesignReport...

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Robot Design Report Team 2B: Christian Schneider Megan Ketchum Jeff Monahan Alex Companioni EML4320L -- MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory Instructor: Mike Braddock Fall 2004 October 19, 2004 Group 2B 1
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Introduction We have been assigned to design and build a robot capable of entering an arena, sorting golf balls from tennis balls, and then leaving the arena with the golf balls. The ten golf balls are mixed with 10 tennis balls and then evenly divided between 2 buckets. Extra points are awarded for leaving the tennis balls in the bucket. Problem Statement The area will be a 10 x 20 ft enclosed space bordered by 2 x 4’s which are standing on edge. The entry will be a box 3 x 6 x 3 feet and this entry way must be passed through both at the beginning and the completion of the mission. The balls will be 5 golf balls, and 5 tennis balls in each bucket. The robot must enter the arena, retrieve the golf balls, but not the bucket or the tennis balls, and then leave the arena. Background Information While researching ideas for our robot’s design, we referred to the class website ( ) and the posted pictures and results of previous classes (Summer of 2004 and Spring of 2004) to get an idea of what could be done with the parts being provided. The underlying theme of all of the previous projects we studied was efficiency: since time management was a priority of past competitors, most of them decided to accomplish both required tasks (removing the golf balls and replacing the tennis balls inside the bucket) at the same time. This research, however, was not the only work done prior to our design’s conception. After determining what the best way of retrieving the balls would be, we moved on to how best to implement these ideas. Knowing that the balls needed to be retrieved directly from the buckets we brainstormed different ideas and came up with our design one. Additional research was completed on what kind of motors would be needed. This was done both with theoretical calculations and real world, hands on testing. Information was gathered and brainstormed from many different sources. Conceptual Design Generation
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Design Report - unmodified design one - RobotDesignReport...

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