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Design Report Format-1 - EML 4320L - MAE Design and...

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EML 4320L -- MAE Design and Manufacturing Laboratory Design Report Format (by Dr. Carl Crane) Cover Page Include project title, team member names, team number, class name, semester, and date. Introduction Give the reader an overall introduction to what type of design problem you are addressing. State the overall goals and objectives of the design. Problem Statement Provide a detailed description of the problem. State all the specific design parameters that were identified. Background Information Present relevant background information such as the related work of others, company catalogs, web pages, patent search results, market studies, etc. What, if anything, was learned from the background search? Research the mechanisms you are considering using on your project—pneumatics, 4 bar linkages, electric motors, ball-screws, etc. Conceptual Design Generation Present and explain the ideas that were generated to solve the design problem. Drawings are particularly useful in explaining the different concepts. Submit at least 3 drawings showing different design solutions. Drawings may be neatly drawn hand sketches or CAD drawings; they must clearly illustrate the ideas contained therein. Each drawing should be on its own page, each should have its own figure
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Design Report Format-1 - EML 4320L - MAE Design and...

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