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SupplyChainManagement - Supply Chain Management(SCM...

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Unformatted text preview: Supply Chain Management (SCM) Globalization has dramatically altered Business processes. Extensive use of the internet and the e- business transactions has become inevitable for achieving sustainable business propositions. Supply Chain Management enables speedy, smooth and easier e- business transactions. Interestingly, supply chain has applicability in a wide range of business organizations. SCM is a powerful and integrated solution that provides you the tools you need to manage your entire supply network. Some of the salient features of SCM include data transfer between head office and branches, stock and sales consolidation, posting indent, sharing information between production units and head office, order placement and order status, online bidding and procurement solutions, MIS reports. SCM creates an adaptive supply chain network through which suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers share information actively across the network. SCM allows integration of various processes involved right from the share information actively across the network....
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