From-the-Hole-4-Approaching-Pi-Target-3-16-10 - ARMSTRONG...

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Unformatted text preview: ARMSTRONG Ecomawgs“ Ne. me. Macadam] We Pi 'Tangefr Cream "(WE-2.0075 mall/1 “010(9qu 'Tlvus MW muduce A [malt/x Wu; Rmsfweek (:47 9pm. The. credch Key RQsLstmcq 5 [11000 Fwd (“£200 ow The Demo Tenses; TNcKwsJ‘rzxaL Tins ll WLU [ore [B MGMTM$ {Rum “the MRQCIA 21000; law. 1119.39»? {300 we sfl'x't Need. A wee.le C.\L9§.1.~01 qlsuue £510 To Skot Mal F} Coflea-kCF'I/LT. “ON The Mama mum/91mg. smwag an 3090. The K€\l SLAPPOQT .lM The Dom) uU'lU beth 9+ Waco QNCI “2 We “15KB 1% NEW hwle Cora. 1W3 fir-vallMiia. QPQH fikem QM, WCGWq dosiwc, Edam-3 TX- ‘fi/Lié. will $101Nfi\ 9 Weak To "The duwmslde-v -‘ ‘I szwie, CM oucQCAme The Em“? Rems+RMCa 65‘ Rio and MAT has. 1. Emma 34qu 5112.2 s‘mce . The may”; Reg-STANCE; {S QT $106 Que,ng bf ha. I Got; mack Lg Maugham zed [99001 HT $192940. m Kant i. .INLJHAl Supt:ho [Les awnoag Q([owec\ [0L1 551080. New we have A (4 i' mom RMlu‘ Cam m 0d swag low A mam c.1932 above a I, ma ow" 2&1th R [2629+ of; IAs'i‘ \lem‘e. Halt/M _ ON The Curt-74mm! fiat:ng "fine @Rd‘.gh pomuci mmT hes aT $1.48. i? week“ (1095: below The}, wdl gnqul R 0F CFCl-ECA—I guppan‘r RT 5‘3 ((4-0; whaer A wee.qu doswc‘ below ‘flms Mex; Stalwrais New BCEGNT Mada. 1.1 . A th SLAPPOKT eNrWXEE Duke) has a”? l-EB‘S new a weekluf clamp? IBCNEAM Mmqu LmH warm WP. my {okemk’fine 6300.8 Lego d': I-‘la'zcm ring 1 1"fiqe 200‘? low Cofiewecl log a wa'ecuT Sw‘mc} aboue The 51008 Emlh. |i _ fine. 3:4?qmese \{erxl hilld mr’rml smFPga-T m A weel‘fih,’ deslmc] (angls HT L01 DMT’nQ IWY‘I T—mfmesf wflh KEY gmwmfi A"? 1‘0 S90 own weekly, doswc, [99515. . fl Ltege nlooue [-H‘S‘ on: n wcaKH {mats {9 Head. H l': :! The 9412.95 grth mmu 9%;me has a"? CH 0N qweek'kl41 hams orb ; : TRIMM .The SWISS. Brae NW uhwwo‘ Near: Zeno lm'fe/zegT RATES. and Weak”; Ta gall \th mmeuculm gimp (r gimme. Co-mimes ow “MK 93 MMCln as “1% We, i.E vaT‘tF 4} delfl‘ C1‘Z\St$‘l9[DoMS w Sweethequ (531463,“th WI.” Pm] fl WQMIMM 75 '4 “the damfiermug it beccmes. 30TH The Hi» Ach We CAmdhm Me sidk parsed Gm rmiltes mike ‘orzmderz Team . ff flag“; I'M; «emnwg a Add cms‘s liq-T" a 5+ch (whale . These Jaded; JAKE. HQ: aarqumkes mm HFTeIashockg. {9% was The; spemm‘we $4ch QIQMH-e, M EM 1°31 ,‘flms Tmmerl lake {:1 Statement“) de‘cfl“ CQLSIS. on: May m, Pm The INIqu Cymkm Qua-Pm (baled { Caequ degt’r Roma .m 1295;" (0&1 The. Qu‘rhschddg. Iflzluq‘ had been {Sedew creeda‘l‘qwdnl‘t 1,. val/ugh Faded em: The Fm"? WMQ_ ma (WW; Asouegrndgw potted crzedrr Bm+mTTu tam; Them and argue il‘finamk mad (WV mmualh Lowdog, The wenKeued We S‘Ifi'zoNqEfl (mle and whem it Fm\e~c\ I a Run} balm. The com flexed (DAJUUGI :‘I‘ ma" MT The raw we} {‘5 New “hutqu wife I; QULQRENQU‘ Cams. Fan. ff was sub a quid fiawdmzé and Mama 1er We mUllmN qdd Reserzue; ’f‘wflqmcfllu‘ 1091‘ Momdtml. Maw i “1% Wth mead “to $009,138th debt €02me had mgomtwegfimefis {N Main ‘30 F» @HAése w Com RAeNCe Turmed We 5— WI'H’IIM ZWEQKS- They ; left [/a fiaquz afield Remnuesr HS hawk lem’f 3?” (mumg‘fi; @eemuy New The“ Com'hqlmd jumped The FITIAM‘hc. cm—m‘h Mal Mayor: WtdESprteAd WK (A: (M985, We ToeK Mme wenk‘emed The gysfim but Fenced meagerzS. CMFrJeNCG (A) i'SoqeeelfiN data Le. mam m Wm [03.12de 0? Ewesmemfiw clear .75 agézfl anew TumK baud; We anra'fwo‘ 'Tb Come (096$. CAPAM fiof‘ flawed ;/U (Ed ES’JCA'E fiNd 35mg, 5:: .+ m. mhecL Mo am 3; rr cud («new rm and (93K. we mus? I; be Coucemed became Thus deio't TsuNAMF (<3 PM: 930m Ode/E. :5 532m Ammma‘s 434/ pofl'flcflk/ Passocuqfi meme“ (CNN Rom M41194; IQ. AIMS'lfi/ZOAJO ...
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This note was uploaded on 08/13/2011 for the course FIN 3100 taught by Professor Martinarmstrong during the Spring '07 term at CUNY City Tech.

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From-the-Hole-4-Approaching-Pi-Target-3-16-10 - ARMSTRONG...

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