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Southwest CEO - Southwest CEO Southwest CEO Michael Bragg

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Southwest CEO 1 Southwest CEO Michael Bragg MAN103A-ON-Management Principles Mr. Dana Adams May 27, 2011 Southwest CEO If you’ve ever flown on Southwest, you’ll know that not only do they talk the talk, but they walk the walk. Southwest’s company culture is not only reflected in its policies, but it oozes out from every employee. For instance, the airline currently is running commercials based on the theme “we love your bags.” Unlike its competitors, Southwest doesn’t charge for the first two bags you check when you fly with them. It’s a nice competitive advantage that they’re using in their marketing, but they’re having fun with it by poking a little fun at their competitors. The same can be said about the company’s flight attendants. If you’ve flown with Southwest more than once, it’s likely you have heard a flight attendant tell a joke, sing, or have a little fun over the public address system. At Southwest they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are being true to their culture of having fun. Here’s the amazing part to me. Southwest has been able to maintain this culture for nearly 40 years. Much of the culture can be attributed to co- founder and long-time CEO Herb Kelleher. Like many young, growing companies, Southwest’s culture was an extension of its original leaders — in this case, Mr. Kelleher.
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Southwest CEO 2 But even after Kelleher left the CEO post in 2001, Southwest was able to retain the culture. From the outside looking in, the culture that Kelleher was such a big part of has continued to
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Southwest CEO - Southwest CEO Southwest CEO Michael Bragg

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