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MT 2011 Application form


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MANAGEMENT TRAINEE APPLICATION FORM I. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Full name:_______________________________ Gender: _______________________________ Date of birth: ____________________________ Place of birth: __________________________ ID Card No.: _____________ Date of issue: _____________ Place of issue: _____________ Telephone: ______________________________ Mobile phone: __________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________________________ Current address: ___________________________________________________________________ II. EDUCATION: (from high shool until now) Time Name of School/University Major subject Grade point average (GPA) From To III. OTHER TRAINING COURSES: Time Course title Training provider/Company From To IV. FOREIGN LANGUAGE SKILLS: Language Certificate Overall scores/level Time of issuance of certificate English TOEFL TOEIC IELTS Others Others Please specify: 1. 2. 3. V. COMPUTER SKILLS: a. MS Office programs, please specify: _____________________________________________ b. Other programs, please specify: _________________________________________________ VI. EXTRA CURRICULUM ACTIVITIES: (volunteer, performance, club, contest,…) Activity Organiser Your role Achievement/Award
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VII. WORK EXPERIENCE: (if any) Period Company Position Job responsibilities From To VIII.CAREER EXPECTATION: a. Please select 1 - 3 departments that you like best: Finance Marketing Agency Development Partnership Distribution Human Resources Legal Operations Information Technology Corporate Strategy
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