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Directions: In Question nos. 1 to 3, four words are alike in some manner. Spot the odd one out. 1. (1) Cub (2) Chicken (3) Pig (4) Pup 2. (1) Grandfather (2) Brother (3) Aunt (4) Sister-in-law 3. (1) Area (2) Height (3) Length (4) Breadth Directions: In Ques- tion nos. 4 to 6, there are four options. The num- bers in these options are alike in certain manner. Only one number does not fit in. Choose the one which is different from the rest. 4. (1) 1776 (2) 2364 (3) 1976 (4) 3776 5. (1) 3 (2) 9 (3) 5 (4) 7 6. (1) 3730 (2) 6820 (3) 5568 (4) 4604 Directions: Read the following directions and answer the questions 7 to 9. There are five persons in a group. Out of these two are men. Only three persons know swimming, of which one is a man. There is a couple, of which the husband knows swim- ming. A is the younger sister of D and B is the husband of E. C is a swimming champion. 7. Who is the other man in the group? (1) C (2) E (3) A (4) D 8. The two women, who know how to swim are: (1) A and C (2) C and D (3) D and E (4) A and E 9. The two persons, who do not know how to swim are: (1) B and D (2) D and E (3) A and E (4) A and D 10. Five personali- ties are living in a multi- storied building. Mr Effortless lives in a flat above Mr Active, Mr Charge lives in a flat below. Mr Diligent, Mr Active lives in a flat above Mr Diligent and Mr Behaved lives in a flat below Mr Charge. Who lives in the topmost flat? (1) Mr Charge (2) Mr Diligent (3) Mr Effortless (4) Mr Behaved 11. Kitu walks towards East and then towards South. After walking some distance he turns towards West and then turns to his left. Test of Reasoning-1 Questions asked in Hotel Management I.P. University Examination held on May 13, 2007 [ REASONING ABILITY ] 1 August 2007 © The Competition Master. Contents or Translation of contents of this document must not be reproduced in any manner without prior permission. T H E C O M P E T I T I O N M A S T E R Available as Print Edition also for Rs 45 per copy from your local newspaper agent S U B S C R I B E & S a v e M o r e t h a n 3 0 % * For One Year Subscription just send Rs 300 by MO or Cheque in the name of The Competition Master
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