Testing A Theory - He descends into Hell for three days he...

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Testing a Theory Steven A. Tijerina Pshycology June 20, 2011 Melissa Gonzalez Proving these theories make the claim of a higher order in the world that people are unaware of and blind to the unseen. Supernatural occurrences like Saintly visions, ghosts, apparitions, electronic voice phenomenon has proved the spiritual plane exists. The Devil has total dominion over the Earth’s inhabitants including tortured souls, those which are lost, and men. Time cannot be reversed, progressing each day forward, in effect the past can never change. The Holy Bible is the beautification of both the Christian and Catholic Church. Whose to say that at the time of the Crucifixion, if every man was against Jesus, when the Roman solders crucified him they crucified the Virgen Mary and Mary Magdalene because they saw them together. If it were or if it weren't, it could never be proved because no one was around 2000 years ago to have seen it. What if Veronica, who wiped the blood from Christ's face, were the only true witness to the Crucifixion?
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Unformatted text preview: He descends into Hell for three days, he sits in Heaven, 10,000 saints wait to be freed upon the end of the Earth, when he will return. There will be a new Heaven, and a new Earth, where Satan and his angels will be defeated burning in the lake of fire for the rest of time. Jesus Christ, he has risen, he is the first of the living-dead, and he is the first Holy Spirit, his influence upon the Earth. For the souls who continue to sin even in death they will never rise and they will never know of his kingdom. For the ones who killed for whatever reason his judgement will be based on heart, for those who killed in cold blood they will forever die at the second death. Upon the time of the Resurrection, you too will be judged for those things you did when you were living and while you were dead. There is no way to prove this because no scientific method exist for testing theories of spirituality, divinity, and the intangible forces, which people cannot see with the visible eye....
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Testing A Theory - He descends into Hell for three days he...

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