Substance abuse - people are more likely to develop a...

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Running head: SUBSTANCE ABUSE 1 Substance Abuse Niga Bradsher PSY/270 July 22, 2011 Richard Ferguson
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SUBSTANCE ABUSE 2 Substance Abuse When discussing substance abuse there are four viewpoints to consider. Each viewpoint on substance abuse talks about different reasons people start to abuse drugs. The four viewpoints are sociocultural, psychodynamic, biological and cognitive-behavioral; they all have interesting theories as well as treatments to combat substance abuse in different ways. During the reading of chapter ten, the one thing all the viewpoints have in common is that they work better with other approaches. The sociocultural view on substance abuse discusses the fact that people who are under social economic stresses are more likely to develop a substance abuse problem. These stresses such as unemployment or family environments that allow the use of substances are the norm in society today. If you are in an environment where substance abuse is happen, especially by peers,
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Unformatted text preview: people are more likely to develop a substance abuse problem because of their need to fit in with the crowd. The treatments used by professionals include self-help programs and community prevention programs which are all socially based treatments. After reading all the viewpoints discussed in chapter ten of our text, I agree with the sociocultural view. The reason for that is because we are a socially conscience society. All through our history, we seek the approval of our peers, if that is not given we tend to stress ourselves out. This stress causes people to develop dependency on substances to deal with their problems of fitting in with their peers. I do believe to it is possible for a person to get sufficient help through programs such as alcohol anonymous because the people get support from others who understand what they are going through....
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Substance abuse - people are more likely to develop a...

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