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1 - rice Demand for complementary goods(eg pen& ink 5...

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1.Individual demand Individual demand refers to the demand for the commodity from the individual point of view. 2. Market demand Total demand of all the buyers taken together.Market demand is sum of Individual Demand. 3.Income demand Demand for normal goods Demand for inferior goods 4. Cross demand Demand for substitutes or competitive goods (eg.,tea & coffee, bread and
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Unformatted text preview: rice ) Demand for complementary goods (eg., pen & ink) 5. Joint demand (same as complementary, eg., pen & ink) 6. Composite demand (eg., coal & electricity) 7. Direct demand (eg., ice-creams) 8. Derived demand (eg., TV & TV mechanics) 9. Competitive demand (eg., desi ghee and vegetable oils ) 10.Demand of unrelated goods...
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