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GEOGPRAHIC SEGMENTATION 1. Nescafe Coffee - Drinking coffee varies depending upon the season or the climate. If it’s summer, coffee is more applicable with ice or when it’s cold. While when it’s raining, or the peak of typhoons, drinking hot coffee will be of great help. 2. Nescafe Decaf - Coffee that can be taken at night only! 3. Myra E Sunblock - We all know that Philippines is such a hot country. And wearing sunblock on your face and body is very much advisable. This product is applicable to hot countries, just like Philippines. DEMOGPRAHIC SEGMENTATION 1. Ovaltine - Conveys messages towards a particular age group: children and young adults. 2. Pure and Fresh Feminine Wash - A product specially made for girls. This product is highly recommended for teens and young girls in town. This is mild and cheap. 3. Enduranz Capsule for Men - This is a multi-herb natural food supplement that restores male’s energies that had been lost for years. This is sold exclusively for men.
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