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07-08 exam - H62SED-E1 The University of Nottingham SCHOOL...

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H62SED-E1 The University of Nottingham SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING A LEVEL 2 MODULE, AUTUMN SEMESTER 2007-2008 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING DESIGN Time allowed 2 HOURS Candidates must NOT start writing their answers until told to do so Complete ALL the examination tasks For each of the examination tasks please provide a separate file called task1.cpp etc. You may use either the PLATO of Microsoft VC compilers, but please comment at the top of each file which you have used. Please note well: for all tasks marks will be given for the correct declaration of classes and functions even if their definition (implementation) is missing. Dictionaries are not allowed with one exception. Those whose first language is not English may use a standard translation dictionary to translate between that language and English provided that neither language is the subject of this examination. Subject specific translation dictionaries are not permitted. DO NOT turn examination paper over until instructed to do so ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: NONE Note to Invigilators: This is an open book examination and candidates may bring in any material on disks, memory sticks etc that they wish . The course material must be available to the candidates on the computers . Internet and email access must be disabled on the computers and not available to the candidates . H62SED-E1 Turn over
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2 H62SED-E1 Introduction: In many branches of computational science and computer graphics, it is necessary to represent complicated geometrical objects within a computer program. The
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