Example rs 232 how long would the transmission last

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Unformatted text preview: ld the transmission last if How 10 000 7-bit characters were sent across RS-232 operated at 9600 baud? The Nyquist Sampling Theorem The Theoretical limit on the maximum speed at which Theoretical data can be sent over an error-free (noiseless) medium: medium: D = data rate in bit per second (bps) B = bandwidth in hertz (hz) For a scheme that uses binary signals (two levels For of signal): Date Rate = D = 2B Date For a scheme that uses K levels of signal D = 2Blog2K Shannon’s Theorem Shannon’s Deals with a noisy medium Signal to noise ratio is the strength of the signal Signal compared to the strength of the noise = S/N compared The signal to noise ratio is usually expressed in The decibels (db) = 10log10S/N decibels Maximum data rate on a noisy medium is: D = B log2 (1 + S/N) (1 Example Example How fast data can be sent across a voice telephone call? Telephone system: – Bandwidth =...
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