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Opposite on a modem on a 3 wire rs 232 connection

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Unformatted text preview: ire RS-232 connection wire Universal Serial Bus (USB) Universal Faster serial data communication standard Speeds up to 480 Mbps (USB 2.0) 4-wire cable interface » • 2 for data, 1 for power, » 1 for ground signal » Hardware Limitations of real hardware Limitations Hardware cannot Hardware instantly change voltage and so imperfect signals must be detectable must RS-232 specifies how RS-232 much tolerance there should be should Hardware bandwidth Hardware Hardware cannot change signals instantly Hardware => maximum speed at which bits can be sent sent Bandwidth - maximum frequency of signal Bandwidth that a transmission medium can carry that Measured in cycles per sec = Hertz (Hz) Every system (electronic and biological) has a limited bandwidth has Bitrate, Baudrate and Bandwidth Bitrate, Bitrate – how many bits per second are Bitrate being sent being Baudrate – how many signals per second Baudrate are used to send those bits are Bandwidth – the number of signals per Bandwidth second that a medium can accommodate second RS-232 Example RS-232 How long wou...
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