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How rapidly can the voltage change standards are

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Unformatted text preview: how rapidly can the voltage change? Standards are published by standards Standards organisations - ITU, ISO etc. organisations The RS-232 standard The To connect keyboards, terminals etc. to To computers over copper wire computers Is concerned with 7-bit characters Details of physical connection (maximum Details length, plugs and sockets) length, Electrical details (voltages) Serial communication Asynchronous (for each character) RS-232 continued RS-232 Never leaves 0 volts on the wire - an idle Never line is the same as a 1 bit line Sender and receiver agree how long a bit Sender lasts - receiver uses a local timer lasts A 0 start bit signifies the start of a character start and is followed by 7 data bits and A minimum gap of 1 bit between characters minimum (a phantom stop bit of 1) (a Example RS-232 waveform Example Baud rate Baud Transmission hardware is rated in baud Transmission baud the number of signals that are generated per second second The baud rate need not be the same as the bit rate, it depends on how many levels of bit it signal are used signal With...
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