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Unformatted text preview: RS-232 they are the same Agreeing the Baud rate Agreeing Sender and receiver agree on length of time Sender each bit is held => maximum number of bits per second (e.g., 300, 9600, 19200) bits RS-232 may often have a configurable baud RS-232 rate (manually or by software) rate Framing errors Framing Might occur if the sender and receiver are Might set to different baud rates set Receiver samples the signal several times Receiver for each bit to check for differences (framing errors) (framing Used by the break key to send an abort Used signal signal Full duplex communication Full Two wires required to carry information in Two one direction (return is a ground) one Full duplex is two way communication and Full needs 3 wires - ground is shared needs RS-232 connectors and pins RS-232 RS-232 uses a 25 pin connector (extra pins RS-232 for control functions) for Computer transmits on pin 2 and receives Computer on 3. Opposite on a modem on A 3 w...
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