exam2005 - G52CCN-E1 The University of Nottingham SCHOOL OF...

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Unformatted text preview: G52CCN-E1 The University of Nottingham SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY A LEVEL 2 MODULE, AUTUMN SEMESTER 2004-2005 COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKS (Course G2CCN) Time allowed TWO hours Answer THREE questions Candidates must NOT start writing their answers until told to do so Answer 3 out of 5 questions Marks available for sections of questions are shown in brackets in the right-hand margin Only silent, self-contained calculators with a single-line display are permitted in this examination. Dictionaries are not allowed with one exception. Those whose first language is not English may use a dictionary to translate between that language and English provided that neither language is the subject of this examination. No electronic devices capable of storing and retrieving text, including electronic dictionaries, may be used. DO NOT turn your examination paper over until instructed to do so G52CCN-E1 Turn Over G52CCN-E1 1. Data transmission ( 33 marks) a) Describe the following transmission media: (i) Twisted pair cable (ii) Co-axial cable (iii) Fiber optic cable (iv) Radio (v) Microwave (vi) Satellite (6) b) Complete a table that compares these transmission media in terms off their capacity, current cost, range, reliability and directionality. (10) c) Explain what multiplexing is. (5) d) Explain the difference between the terms baud rate and bit rate. In what units are these measured? Give an example of how the bit rate off a given communication channel can be higher that the baud rate....
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exam2005 - G52CCN-E1 The University of Nottingham SCHOOL OF...

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