L10WAN6 - Part 2 Packet Transmission Part 2 Packet...

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1 Part 2 – Packet Transmission WAN Technologies and Routing Gail Hopkins Part 2 – Packet Transmission Introduction ± Packet switches and store and forward ± Hierarchical addresses, routing and routing tables ± Routing table computation ± Example WAN technologies Part 2 – Packet Transmission Categories of Network Technology ± Local Area Network (LAN) ± Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) ± Wide Area network (WAN) ± Key distinguishing feature is scale: Ð geographic distance AND Ð number of connected computers Part 2 – Packet Transmission ± In order to grow, WANs use many switches ± Basic component is the packet switch that can connect to local computers and to other packet switches Packet Switches packet switch used to connect to computers used to connect to other packet switches Part 2 – Packet Transmission A Cisco Catalyst 5505 switch ± Top slot – two 100 Mbps fiber optic ports ± Slot below – two 155 Mbps fiber optic ATM interfaces ± Last slot - 24 10 Mbps twisted pair Ethernet ports Part 2 – Packet Transmission WAN Topology ± Chosen to accommodate expected traffic and to provide redundancy switch at site 1 switch at site 4 switch at site 3 switch at site 2 digital connections between switches computers connected to network
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2 Part 2 – Packet Transmission Store and Forward ± Each switch receives packets, queues them in its memory and then sends them out when possible (i.e., when the destination is available) ± Many computers can send packets simultaneously Part 2 – Packet Transmission Physical Addressing in a WAN ± A WAN defines a frame format and assigns physical addresses to its computers ± Hierarchical addressing, e.g., Ð first part identifies packet switch Ð second part identifies computer on this switch switch 1 switch 2 A B C D [1,2] [1,5] [2,2] [2,6] address Part 2 – Packet Transmission Next Hop Forwarding ± A packet switch determines the destination for each packet from the destination address Ð local computer or ± ±
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L10WAN6 - Part 2 Packet Transmission Part 2 Packet...

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