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A Java-based application example with file access and file processing methods are appropriate for e-business because it helps a developing business by storing data and manipulating the data to be retrieved quickly. When creating file processing, you have to create, sort and retrieve contents of a recognizable file. With file access and file processing the java based application can help an employer manage their records and their employees because every file created has to provide basic information about the file although it can be changed over a period of time. For example, creating a program it takes the user input of the employees’ names, skills, hourly
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Unformatted text preview: wages, address, phone number and the employees’ position and stores it in a file. Later on when looking through your files, the program has a set of processing tools that manages to sort a file by a particular field you want such as by name, position or phone number; displaying any record; giving the employer the option to edit, add or delete any existing information. A program that does not have a file set up, a user has to enter information manually at the start of the program continuously. With the program being file based, the user can automatically load the information immediately gaining useful access from the program....
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