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Having the knowledge of programming concepts benefits individuals working in any position in the IT field because learning how to program, the language and concepts will give you a general idea of what computers are all about and what they are capable of doing or its performing skills. Programming shows how computer software is created and the way it functions. Knowing things about computer is the number one most important aspect in the IT field. As an IT worker, you can comprehend the concept of how a program runs. Programming shows how Java is used for analyzing, coding and gathering information. Java is one of the most used software today because not only do computers run on Java so do programs on cell phones. Working in the IT field gives off different positions that may include working with cell phones as well as computer because they both have something to do with technology.
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Unformatted text preview: One specific example of how java programming knowledge can benefit nonprogrammers working in the IT field is with the use of computers for customer service purposes. For example, java software helps create programs to store particular information. Working in the retail field, a customer can make a purchase and doesnt like what they brought, so they try to return the item. In the process of returning the item the receipt is lost. Java programming comes into play because you have to use particular software that help locate this customers information by typing in a name, phone number, item number and etc. Although you dont have to necessarily be a programmer or use java programming with the other IT positions learning the skills, and concepts will help further an IT career....
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