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From the start of taking HUM130, I struggled because I never been big on religion so I didn’t know much. After taking this class I have learned that there are so many different religions and denominations. Each religion has its own set of beliefs, practices, holiday and ruler. Learning about religions made me realize it gives everyone a better understanding of other people from different backgrounds and different cultures. I have learned that a lot of the older religions were based on mythology, folklore and superstition. Older religions give more history to the religions and have a lot of ancestry stories that can be told about each religion. The new generation of religions reflects from an older religion. I think the only thing that makes them different is the newer generations that are taking charge of the religions. I personally take the time to learn about each religion because in order to communicate
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Unformatted text preview: with different people about their religion or religions period, you have to know the basic information. It is important to learn about other people beliefs and attitudes because in todays society religion is a big topic. Not every one person is the same at all. People are raised by certain standards believing and seeing what there were taught and at times opening up to new experiences; so its best to feel a person out by communication to understand where they came from giving you the advantage to know someones ups, downs, likes and dislikes. It is necessary to understand other religions and cultures in order to survive. Learning about World Religions is an important factor in my future. Religions will always be a part of our daily lives so it is very important to know as much as you can about each religion, never know how the information can impact you in a positive way....
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