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Eastern%2BReligions%2BTerms%2BExercise+%281%29 - 3 Daode...

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Eastern Religions Terms Exercise There are many technical terms necessary for understanding Eastern Religions and philosophy. According to Fisher, what do the following terms mean? 1. Yin, yang- The qi force has two aspects that change the phenomena of the universe. Yin is the dark aspect known as the “receptive” female. Yang is the bright aspect known as the “assertive” male. Although they are different they balance each other out. 2. Dao- is a way or creative rhythm of the earth.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Daode Jing is one of the necessary treasures for the preservation of life meaning generative force. 4. Wu-Wei knows when to take action and when not to take action. It is an important concept in Daoism. 5. Jen is to have innate goodness, love, benevolence, perfect virtue, human heartedness and humanness. 6. Kong fuzi is the master Kong known for teaching scholars. He is known as a social philosopher....
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