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EFFECTS OF RELIGION - the eyes of God With war and...

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Two effects that organized religion has had on society are inequality and war and oppression. Inequality defines things that are not equal. Religion many years was used to justify many things such as slavery, interracial dating/marriage, rights of men and those of women and segregation. For example same sex marriage is one of the biggest issues we have always faced past and present. Stated in the bible a man and a woman are to be married hand in hand. In today’s generation people are getting married that are men/men and women/women. It has many people making arguments against it because many people of Christianity believe that it’s a sin in
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Unformatted text preview: the eyes of God. With war and oppression religion played a big role. War rallies around choosing religions and political entities. Wars start from one religion trying to take other another religions country. The death of many Muslims, Jews, Russian, Slavs, Mongols and Cathars caused a War known as the Crusades. From 1095 and 192; there were wars fought between Christians and Muslims. The purpose of the Crusades was to take control of Jerusalem from Muslims. Many travel from all over to fight in this war. The Crusades affect some of the future events. Religion is a part of everyday life no matter what you believe in....
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