Judaism - J udaism 1 Judaism Janaya Hoskins HUM 130 Terry...

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Judaism 1 Judaism Janaya Hoskins HUM 130 June 26, 2011 Terry Barnes
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Judaism 2 Judaism is known today as one of the oldest religions that still exist today. Judaism is a way of life for Jewish people. Judaism began as a small religion in the nation of Hebrew. With the Jewish religion there were thirteen beliefs that Jews lived by. They are called the 13 Articles of the Jewish Faith. According to UCADIA, “the 13 Articles of the Jewish Faith is: God exists, God is one and unique, God is incorporeal, God is eternal, prayer is to God only, the prophets speak truth, Moses was one of the greatest prophets, the written and oral Torah were given to Moses, there will be no other Torah, God knows the thoughts and deeds of me, God will reward the good and punish the wicked, the Messiah will come, and the dead will be resurrected” ( UCADIA, 2010). People who practice Judaism believe that there is one God. There is no one particular founder of Judaism but there is someone who the Jews refer to as the father; Abraham. He plays a very important role with Judaism. Abraham is the one whom God revealed himself to. Abraham, in his youngest days was known as Abram, he become Abraham once he entered his covenant with God. As a part of the covenant, God appeared in a vision to Abram giving him is known found name of Abraham. Abraham means the father of a multitude of nations. With the new name Abraham and his followers and the Jewish people had to follow the path of God after Abraham speaking with God. If Abraham and the future generations followed God path, God promised to give Abraham the land of Canaan with God’s protection and care. God gave a command that all men were to be circumcised because it was a symbol of their covenant. And although his was an older guy, Abraham went under the circumcision procedure as well so he could show a sign of leadership. From there the covenant was established for ages to come (Isaacs, 1946-1948).
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Judaism - J udaism 1 Judaism Janaya Hoskins HUM 130 Terry...

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