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Symbol and myth plays an important role with indigenous cultures and religions. With symbol it means something that represents or stands for something else and myth means a traditional ancient story or popular belief that was previously associated with something important to illustrate a cultural idea. In Indigenous cultures their symbols and myths are passed on from generation from generation. The myths that are told are about the connection of the unknown world, how it works and why things are the way it presented in that time but in a story
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Unformatted text preview: form for a better understanding. The symbol is the basis of the point that is being conveyed. Symbols and myths are important to Indigenous cultures because a lot of history of certain cultures is not written down in history books so as each generation comes the information is passed from person to person. Without passing on the stories its easier for their religion, morals, values and beliefs to disappear and never be recognized. Myths are the most important thing that Indigenous cultures have to keep their history active and forth going....
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