SELF ASSESSMENT - change. The test may or may not be valid...

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SELF ASSESSMENT 1. 2. 1 3. 1 4. 5 5. 1 6. 3 7. 3 8. 1 9. 1 10. 5 11. 5 12. 5 13. 5 14. 5 15. 3 16. 1 17. 1 18. 1 19. 1 20. 5 21. 5 22. 5 23. 5 24. 5 25. 1 26. 5 27. 5 28. 1 29. 5 30. 5 31. 5 I think that employers and fellow team members may benefit a lot from using this instrument at work and in their daily life. Most employers and team members will use this test for work purposes to get a head and ways to benefit from it. Employers by helping them decipher what the best forms of positive and negative reinforces to use, in order to achieve the most effectiveness. When a person participates in the text, the test gives the person an idea of some of their personality traits and makes them more suitable for a particular job. These tests can help in revealing a person’s interests and abilities. Personality tests are very useful in finding people
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with a certain personality that is right for a particular job. This test can be reliable because the test itself can be used as a way to set goals. Anything that you feel that you can’t do you can find ways to work towards making it better and set certain time limits on when you plan to make this
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Unformatted text preview: change. The test may or may not be valid depending on what the person taking the test is using it for. Some of the drawback would be the personality traits, abilities and skills that are not defined would not be easily revealed and those traits test will be incomplete which will make additional test to be conducted. But I believe that each person knows there abilities, personality traits and skills. You know the things you need to do and things you need to improve. A lot of times the test may not be accurate because people do not do well on test and the opportunity for jobs will be overlooked because according to the test they don’t have the particular skills that are needed. In most cases today these test do not play a big factor but its best to know what you are good at what needs to be improved for the sake of your career and the people you work with....
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SELF ASSESSMENT - change. The test may or may not be valid...

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