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Three things that a Web designer must consider and understand about the  purpose or target audience prior to site development is the goal, targeted  audience and site structure. When developing a web site as a designer you  must set a goal stating what you want to achieve from the web site, what  products or information do you want to share and the outcome from the site.  When having a targeted audience, you have to know what the base age group  will be for the web site you are creating. Are you trying to broadcast to an  older group, younger group or any age group. You have to use different 
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Unformatted text preview: objects, flashiness and themes that will gather your base audience. Site structure is also important because you cant just throw anything together. Your web site should have a base theme and structure. Include the important products/objects, tell what the site is about have links and contact information just incase there is something on the site that people may not understand. As a web designer these are important factors that must be the first actions you take care of....
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