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There can be many reasons why a Web site would be redesigned. Some  reasons can be to change the title, the overlaying graphics, bad navigation but  the main reason would be to improve the web site itself because you can  always add new material.  When you add new material periodically , you give  the viewers more reason to view the site. No one wants to keep visiting a site  with the same information continuously. Sometimes when web sites are  created the are just put together to see what audiences it appeal and how 
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Unformatted text preview: many people will review the site. After a review period the designer may see wrongs they want to correct or things they want to add to improve the web site for a better audience. it is important to always plan the next site redesign for a company because you have to keep it up to date with new products, new information and know how to keep the site active and appealing to the viewers. A company must think ahead to be up to date with what customers want to see....
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