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I believe that psychologist try to explain human behavior through nature and  nurture. With nature it consists of genetic traits, genetic behavior, environment  and family history.  An environment can suppress the expression of some  genes and promote the expression of other genes. And some genes can limit  the influence of the environment. The things that comprise our nature are  things that may be inherited from family. I define nurture as things and  behaviors we are taught no matter what the purpose consist of. Nurture 
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Unformatted text preview: consists of morals and a person’s personal choice. Personal choice is limited by one's intelligence and knowledge, both of which are influenced by one's environment and genes. They way of life all depends on your daily activities and the personal choices that you make. Every action we take there is a choice whether or not to make that decision. I do not think biology is destiny, there is simple too much interaction beyond biological explanations....
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