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I believe that it depends on your career choice and what field you want to work in. Having great interpersonal skills is a must when having a job. Pursue learning in your area of interest. For example the field I want to pursue is IT/Programming. I would want to take potential classes pertaining to Information Technology such as Intro to Web Design, Computer Software Fundamentals and Management of Information Systems just to name a few. When my employer sees the classes that I have taken and the set of skills that I have learned from these classes, my
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Unformatted text preview: employer will see that the classes taken were a perfect match for my field of interest. Just select classes you need to progress along your degree program, pay attention and do your homework. You will have a degree that will prove you have the skills an employer expects. During your college experience have a great GPA and gain relationships with teachers and staff members because these two will be valuable to an employer who may be interested in hiring you....
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