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Running head: INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES 1 Determining Instructional Strategies Joana Ledo Walden University Dr. Joseph Walsh EDUC-6640 Designing, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment November 21, 2010
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Instructional Strategies The key to success in the classroom for most students rests in their ability to master the fundamentals of academics. Reading and reading comprehension are essential skills that each student must master in order reach their full potential academically. Thus, lessons that build reading and reading comprehension fundamentals are critical at all levels, but even more so in the fifth grade. The fifth grade is a critical grade level as it is he last elementary school grade and serves as the bridge to higher order learning in middle school. In order to build the needed reading skills for fifth graders I address the key skills needed for success through creative activit- ies and varied instructional strategies. The lesson I have chosen for this particular assignment is a book report in which the stu- dents create cheeseburger to represent each key component of the story. In creating the cheese- burger the students reflect on what they have read in the story and tie in pre-reading skills they’ve learned in the fourth grade. Additionally, the students will learn the vocabulary con- tained within the story and use the knowledge of those new words to expand their current and fu- ture comprehension in reading assignments. The ability to understand the what they are reading
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