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14. X 5-11 Business Correspondence UCR

14. X 5-11 Business Correspondence UCR - Principles of...

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Unformatted text preview: Principles of Business Principles Correspondence Correspondence 1 To Begin With… A Crappy To Business Letter Business In regard to claim on Account #5-861 see In enclosed copy of letter received and copy of delivery receipt regarding same. There had been a claim which was disallowed and debtor withheld payment on bill, and the one we referred to your office for collection, as no pro was mentioned but the one the claim was on was referred to the bill is still open and they still owe Universal, please review and revise. owe 2 LCM International Quotation December 20, 2006 Mr. Bill Donohoo Best Paper Board Mr. Jim Carozza HPE Paper Board Subject: KHL – Avery Denison Project Dear Bill, Jim, As per our conversation’s Jim Smith, Lloyd Reed, Jim Carozza and yourself. It is as follows: Galaxy will assume the leadership as Minority Supplier for the billing of KHL project for special Binder board project After our meeting in Tijuana, we will present all the billing numbers, suppliers, and the numbers that we feel that can be arrived at with no problem so all companies can make maximum profit . Note: we know that this project can brought in to about $1,497,785.00, keeping freight as a separate issue. Whether Process Paper, GBH, or IBC is chosen by Galaxy, all issuance of purchase orders as well as follow up, gathering shipping manifests for this project as well as sample material’s to San Diego to KHL customs clearance house. Payments will be stipulated by LCM International, which representative of Galaxy, to KHL Tijuana and other as well as all Galaxy Forest Products.: 1/3 paid with Purchase Order s from KHL 1/3 with Proof of 1st Shipments and Documentation to San Diego Balance Shipped to KHL San Diego, 1% net 10 days Payments will be made as follows: 3% to Lloyd Reed 4. % to Jim Smith to include Office Overhead 3. % to Galaxy Forest Products- Bill Donohoo Payments will be issued when received from Client (KHL) and any make goods on cutting will be made up after receipt to client (if any) LCM International will act as Galaxy Forest Products, agent in California- Western Region with agreement and laws of California, Printing Industries of America and GATF. This is a binding agreement to be enforced Sincerely, Jim Smith, President LCM International Inc. A California Corporation 3 Business Communications Options Selecting the Medium Traditional Letters – Memos – Telephone calls – Face-to-face meetings Recent technologies – – – – E-mail Fax Voice mail videoconferencing 4 Selecting the Appropriate Medium What is the Purpose Who is the Audience (With special emphasis on the reader’s point (With of view) of 5 Letters on Organizational Letters Stationery Stationery For first contact Precise wording Permanent record Official communications With hand written signature, communicates With formality, respect and authority formality, Written promise with signature of a person in Written authority ensures the info is accurate and that the company will honor it the 6 Cautions re: Official Cautions Correspondence Correspondence May imply authority to act in behalf of the May organization organization When speed essential: fax and follow with When a signed copy by mail signed 7 Memos: Printed and Electronic In house communications Convenient Most organizations have standard memo Most formats formats 8 Email Speed Less formal Broadcast email For groups: listserv Can be forwarded or replied to Not to private Paper trail 9 Faxes When it simply can’t wait When the original document must be When viewed viewed Now accepted as official documents Original paper copy can be mailed later 10 10 Telephone Calls and Conferences Permit interpretation of tone of voice – helps Permit resolve misunderstandings resolve Does not provide visual and other physical cues Does of face-to-face meeting of Conference call – – – – Three or more people Less expensive than face-to-face meetings Increase efficiency when working from an agenda Take notes 11 11 Damned Voice Mail The perfect firewall Leave name, number, date and time, and Leave brief intelligent message brief Say your phone number slowly Since so many calls are voice mail – Preplan what you will say – Speak normally – Don’t fumble and stumble – Don’t say, “This is Bill, give me a call” 12 12 Damned Voice Mail When your set up your voice mail When message, please say your name so the caller will know he got the right number and person. and 13 13 Face-to-Face Meetings First contact where you expect to build a First relationship relationship Use to resolve serious problems Work most effectively when all participants Work are prepared to contribute to a collective effort to reach a defined conclusion effort 14 14 Videoconferencing Where travel is impractical or too Where expensive expensive Advantage: Can see and hear 15 15 Writing Business Messages Define your audience Establish your purpose Outline key points Write a rough draft from the outline Allow a cooling off period Revise your rough draft: coherence and clarity, Revise grammar, spelling and punctuation grammar, Adjust physical parameters, make it pretty, print Adjust and review hardcopy and Assume final responsibility: It’s your name and Assume reputation on the line; not your secretary’s reputation 16 16 Letters and Memos Must be thought out They take time Need a rough draft and revision Are a reflection on your intelligence Should have a pleasing layout 17 17 Openings and Closings Closings – Ends your writing emphatically – Ties the writing together and makes a point – Should relate to and reinforce the ideas Should presented in the opening and body of the document document – Do not introduce new ideas in the closing that Do have not been discussed elsewhere in the document document 18 18 Openings and Closings Closings may – Recommend a course of action – Offer a value judgment – Speculate on the implications of your ideas – Make prediction – Summarize your closing – Can provide an incentive for action – Etc. 19 19 Writing Style and Accuracy May vary from informal to formal or restrained May depending on how well you know the addressee. depending Even when writing in a formal style, don’t try to Even sound like you are writing a legal contract. sound Be concise but not blunt This is a written record so be accurate. Ask someone familiar with the situation to review Ask before sending. Be sensitive to his criticisms. before Review for punctuation, grammar and spelling. 20 20 Formatting Business Letters Like dressing well for a job interview, a Like professional looking letter makes you look professional. professional. – – – It looked like he shined his shoes with a Hershey bar. I wonder where he gets his suits shined? You never get a second chance to make a good first You impression impression A neat appearance will not improve a well neat written letter, but a sloppy appearance will detract from a well written one. detract 21 21 Formatting Business Letters Center the letter horizontally and vertically – Create a picture frame of blank space – When using a business letterhead consider the When bottom of the letterhead as the top of the page bottom Full-block style – Use only with a letterhead Use – Entire letter at left margin Modified-block style – Return address, date and complimentary close Return aligned with center of page aligned – Balance of document aligned to left of page 22 22 Formatting Business Letters Heading – Writer’s full return address – No abbreviations – Date below last line of address; do not Date abbreviate abbreviate Typed: begin 2” below top of page Company letterhead: date 3 lines below Company printed letterhead printed 23 23 Formatting Business Letters Inside address – 2-6 lines below date depending on length of 2-6 letter letter – Left margin at least 1” wide – Gives full names and address – No “Pres.”; he earned the title President 24 24 Formatting Business Letters Salutation – 2 lines below inside address – Recipient’s title and last name followed by a Recipient’s colon colon Dear Mr. Jones: – Note: authors deem “Gentlemen” as politically Note: incorrect incorrect 25 25 Formatting Business Letters Body – Begin 2 lines below salutation – Single space within paragraphs – Double space between paragraphs – Either begin paragraphs At left margin, or Indent five spaces 26 26 Formatting Business Letters Complimentary close – 2 lines below body – Only first word of the complimentary close is Only capitalized capitalized – Complimentary close is followed by a comma – Name 4 lines below – Next line: title 27 27 Formatting Business Letters Second page – Always carry at least two lines of the body Always over to page two over – 2nd page should have a heading containing the recipients name, the page number and the date date – Heading starts 1” below the top of the page – Heading may be in the upper left hand corner Heading or spread across the page. 28 28 Formatting Business Letters End Notations – Who typed the letter? Writer – no end notation Typist or assistant: Typist – – – 2 lines below complimentary close Author’s initials (capitalized), / , typists initials in lower case WGD/jmt – Enclosures Singular for one, plural for 2 or more Enclosure is described if it is not obvious to the reader – Copies cc: tells reader the letter is sent to one or more individuals cc/enc: Tells reader enclosure were sent as well bcc: only on the copy; tells blind copy recipient that a blind copy has bcc: been sent to him been 29 29 Formatting Business Letters Summary Use good quality white paper and Use standard size envelopes standard Center the letter on the page, framing with Center white space white If letter is more than one page, carry at If least two lines of the body over to the second page second Check the layout, content and spelling Check before mailing before 30 30 ...
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