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Management Information Systems, Sixth Edition Chapter 10: Decision Support and Expert Systems 2 Expert Systems Expert system (ES) : emulates the knowledge of a human expert – Solves problems – Makes decisions in a relatively narrow domain Domain : a specific area of knowledge Purpose is to replicate the unstructured and undocumented knowledge of experts, and make that expertise available to novices Neural network : a program that emulates how the human brain works 3 Expert Systems (continued) ESs are part of artificial intelligence (AI) research AI focuses on methods and technologies that emulate how humans learn and solve problems Knowledge base : used by an ES – A collection of facts and the relationships among them – Built as a series of IF-THEN rules – Uses an inference engine Inference engine : software that combines data input by the user with the data relationships Expert Systems (continued) Neural networks : used by more sophisticated ESs to mimic the way a human brain learns – Constructed with a set of rules, but then it refines itself based on its decision success rate – Very effective for detecting fraud Intelligent agent : software that is dormant until it detects a certain event, and then performs a prescribed action There are also case-based ESs – Especially useful in medical decision making 4
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BUS101_Ch10_Lecture_PartII_4in1 - Expert Systems Management...

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