PSC 131 Midterm 1

PSC 131 Midterm 1 - PSC 131 Midterm 1 Sunday, August 14,...

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Text book: Sensation and perception: an integrated approach by Harvey Richard Schiffman Website: e-mail: Proceeds physiologically. From simplest receptor cells through increasing levels of integration to the brain. from the bottom up process. From simple cells from the eyes to the ears to the complexity of the brain molecules(smells Photons of light for sight Waves for sound. It is data driven. Raw data from the environment from the form of Sensation - Output of brain to lower and lower complexities. Ending up in lower muscular junctions. Top down process.- processes or mechanisms that occur at the highest level up from the brain. What we see, hear, and smell as a function of how we view the world, our belief systems, and attitudes to a real extent. Said that it is conceptually driven. See or hear what we want to see or hear. Cannot see or hear what we don'tbelieve in. Perception is driven by memory. perception- organization and interpretation. All info and energy that came into creature's nervous system through processes of sensation. Involves population of receptor cells that respond to environmental energy. - They transduce environmental energy into a form that the nervous system can use. (nerve impulses) - Reception - process by which simple sensoring reductor cells respond in environmental energy by changing their activity. Transduction - converts energy from one form into another. Encoding - create a message that the brain can actually understand Neural networks created with a function of experience. Build their own networks. Based on experience. We've all had unique experiences thus we created unique neural networks. Perception holds heavily in nature & nurture complex. Types of cells you are equipped with Homosapians means you have a unique package that characterizes you as a human. Each species comes equipped with unique combination of receptor cells to function with the world. Largely influenced by nature. Inside or outside? How you perceive the world influence the way you interact. Can argue there is a physical reality but when the world you actually experience exists between your ears. Philosopher. With no one to experience tree falling it fell for nothing. Certain attitudes of the world will influence your behavior to a very real extent. Debate goes back to greeks when very nature of mind is being discussed. In order for us to share what we experience like green or blue, sweet or sour, we have to determine in some way whether or not we're agreeing. If you believe existence is a completely external process or internal, that'll effect questions asked and data given.
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PSC 131 Midterm 1 - PSC 131 Midterm 1 Sunday, August 14,...

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