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Heathly Eating Plan - Artina Houston SCI/241 Dr Eichmann RD...

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Artina Houston SCI/241 July 10, 2011 Dr. Eichmann, RD
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Healthy Eating Plan Well according to my food planer, I eat healthy in some ways, but I go over the recommended amount. I really don’t eat breakfast which is the most important meal of the day, but when I do, I eat bacon, egg, and cheese either on regular bread or hamburger bun. For lunch I would eat a sandwich or a hamburger with chips or fries. I would go without eating dinner some day and sometimes I would go without eating breakfast to. When I work some days I would just snack all the time and drink water all day. I think that the recommended portion of the food that I need to intake, I go over it about a few ounces. When it comes to meat, I go over the amount, while according to the chart, that you should intake in a month time in about a week. When it comes to eating vegetables, something that I don’t like to do, I would rather drink the V-8 splash to take it places. The intake that I need for the grains I go over it about a few cups, but I always taught that it would help you out in the end. In a way, I figured out that the food I eat is healthy, but I eat over the amount that is recommended for the daily requirement. It is some foods that I need to add to my plan as well and also I have to make sure I add a couple of things. In my first check point it said that I need to cut down on my intake on gains and add milk into my plan. It also told me that I need to eat more vegetables and less meat. Even though I’m eating right, I still need to cut down on the amount of meat I intake and make sure that it is healthy enough for me. My total fat that I should be taken in is twenty to thirty-five percent rather than forty-four point two
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