ACC380_Week1_Assignment - CityofNorthernPines ,2012...

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City of Northern Pines Statement of Activities For the Year Ended June 30,201 Prima Program Revenues Expenses Functions/Programs Governmental Activities: General Government $10,300,000 $1,110,000 Public Safety 22,900,000 210,000 $698,000 Public Works 11,290,000 Health and Sanitation 6,210,000 2,555,000 1,210,000 Culture and Recreation 4,198,000 2,198,000 Interest on Long Term Debt 621,000      Total Governmental Activities 55,519,000  6,073,000  1,908,000  Business Type Activities: Water and Sewer System 11,550,000  12,578,000  Parking System 419,000  398,000       Total Business Type Activities 11,969,000  12,976,000  Total Primary Government 67,488,000  19,049,000  1,908,000  General Revenues: Property Taxes Sales Taxes Investment Earnings Special Item (Gain on Sale of Land) Transfers      Total General Revenues Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning Net Assets, Ending Charges for  Services Operating  Grants
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12 ary Government Net(Expense)Revenue and Change in Net Assets
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ACC380_Week1_Assignment - CityofNorthernPines ,2012...

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