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') H"l3 F"3 o cl 5 5/" 2 t A fct 6o $rl.s da?.s .. . *aq.s $l-t.5 t $\crc'c, t de {ir.',t c-ornpr-;te Uh. ,r{}etbr-" 6- rr-,oot\r ,trr.L.L (.'.^.e. u)e . .<te <3ivr'o 5e irr c,.-nrruci\ t-{>\)gorrs o[ $qO 4oa lo e.Jic,rls (^ict+.11[, u]o, ,4t>r4o+ror'c'' ) $ros+ ?+ = F. r -c,?r. , p),o = LFDt:Sf1 -,,pr" sc,\.ri5 1.,. c ctri--i<:s c-- 3-t5o'J" {o. 5,2( ryronthr.s the 0PR t^if -..."osnoJ c,-rnpc,;ocl lnX Lr I S"l. Uh ts L.(>tha gie\i\ - L,-.' nrc-fur,\.1 thcJ u.Je- 6ee-k<r_cL ) rl Lh.'bc,. .,J"'r. X,",[\.:l*.-ri-,br-; ch"'.,1e., t-:, 9'/. hPR, thenthe boocf's pric-e. is t{p\t-1,'o'rs) [ \Dc,c) L-#J * ffi)".: $qe+qa . lDoo (r , o6)t Iooc-> (l o6)s =) Ax $ge.gA ,C 1i6e)' * e) ,n.-i.,ri$ -+ b.ncl. us ro;e_<;s C-r-ri,,porr- fciie- rS :If.t ' t.,= c.l lnt n o't-r -,clt1 L^)(2 J s-, tl,c"t 4Ao = D 1*e- vt-.-teg Ls, $to.,c, h) loo: L {- c' t oG (,oe)' fr.f , c-f (id"Y I t- I .06 J 2'1. tor 6 rnonth 5i or 47" I hcr-^.rc cc/\-/pc>.1 g3me-.rt = tlt".:: -) ,y'- = 4"f, 6 Pcr \etur . c-ord.rn ,"i'r.te * to^e-v"Le F eoupoo nyf entt I ?r Sc bhc'f Lhe c.r.-,pc,- v^afe Ls' +3 3.6]C%
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") the fruce c,{ th,., bo6J c,a^ bo. c-crng.-,ta-rl 6rs {c,l\orc , *&- 1ro.'rsi'{ ' lffirr}* = *u" [' $ too8. Bg $*.rt k \ " o36ns - (t .r*".)' Srooc, t -. . at (i.0')515) " o3.bas 6) bra<tl n-3 af a-- Pre.nnu r-rcn 'tt$,efA L* v-na.t.:c'Ej r'scs to :1,oo/', bhe.n grice Ls $rtoll-(fud--l t $reee. = $ios+.6b L -r3= J (t' oss)r sup6,ose the- {^-"- .l^}.,'". o{ th;o bo.'.I i. $loo (Jo- .;c* t[,,-s .rnwch ui\ \ertr 3.,) the., Lhe b.n.l (z.r,r - "o-pcr. ..) Ls pri<-*c[ af $,oo- .) :ince 5ie\c[ .,f -ar,c,r1 Ls .t:"";":.,*"a.^,'] ;::.:"* vrouJ' bh''s b.,".L Ls .ooctr"u |ff.,-" : $)s.ro ..f bhot t.me "nteco.J rcclc .,I r6,.tL){. Ls 1 $Js.3o \L ;,t \$r1.,*,,/ L= 61. the bc'n'l ts uror-th lffr- '$r*.+sqq ,^ {,r. 1€-.r< irrter n.{
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This note was uploaded on 08/15/2011 for the course ENG 120 taught by Professor Kaminsky during the Summer '10 term at Berkeley.

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HW3Sols - H"l3 cl ') F"3 5 5/" 2 o -+ b.ncl. us ro;e_<;s...

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