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CHAPTER 7 REVIEW: Part II Key Concept: The structure of cells is correlated with their function. Key Concept: Cells are Dynamic! All proteins are synthesized by ribosomes located within the cytoplasm. How does each protein get to the proper compartment? Proteins have a Sequence Signal – (ZIPCODE) that allows them to be recognized and targeted to the proper location. Nuclear Localization Signal Mitochondrial targeting Signal Chloroplast targeting Signal ER Signal Peptide. 3 different ways proteins can move between compartments. 1] Gated Transport - deals with protein traffic between nucleus and cytoplasm. Gated - in that nuclear pores act as selective gates that can actively transport specific cargo. 2] Transmembrane transport - Membrane-bound protein translocator transports specific proteins across a membrane. Used in movement of proteins from cytosol into Mitochondria, Plastids, peroxisomes, and Endoplasmic reticulum. 3] Vesicular Transport - vesicles, can ferry proteins from 1 compartment to another. 1 RIBOSOMES IN CYTOSOL NUCLEUS MITOCHONDRIA CHLOROPLAST PEROXISOME ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM 1 2 3 2 2 2 GOLGI APPARATUS LATE ENDOSOMES EARLY ENDOSOMES LYSOSOMES CELL SURFACE SECRETORY VESICLES
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I] GATED TRANSPORT – Trafficking in and out of the NUCLEUS. The nuclear envelope (Fig. 7-22a) is studded with NUCLEAR PORES. Pores are “gated” with a NUCLEAR PORE COMPLEX. Gate, small molecules can easily pass in and out of the nucleus, but larger proteins and macromolecules must be actively carried in and out. Import into the nucleus requires several different molecules.
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Ch7Review - CHAPTER 7 REVIEW Part II Key Concept The...

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