LS_2_Syllabus_Sum_C_11 - 1 Life Sciences 2 Cells, Tissues,...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Life Sciences 2 Cells, Tissues, and Organ Systems Summer 11 Session C Instructor: Joseph Esdin, Ph.D. Office Hours: 3326 Life Sciences Building Wed 7:30-8:20 am Fri 8:30-9:20 am TAs: Anna Frid ( Philip Sun ( Daniel Whittaker ( Class Time: Mon, Wed, & Fri 11:00-12:50 pm, Franz 1178 Website: Lab Management: Dr. Gaston Pfluegl. Slichter 2875 ( LS Core Office: Lily Yanez. LSB 2305, x5-6614 ( Michelle Veintimilla. LSB 2305, x5-6614 ( Textbook: Sadava, Hillis, Heller, Orians, and Berenbaum, Life, The Science of Biology, 9 th edition. Sinauer & Associates, Inc.; Sunderland, Freeman and Co. The textbook will be on reserve in the Powell Library. Life Sciences 2, Laboratory Manual, 10 th edition. Available at ASUCLA Bookstore. Course Description: Introduction to basic principles of cell structure, organization of cells into tissues and organs, and principles of organ systems. Enforced requisite: Chemistry 14A or 20A. Grading: Total points for this class will be 530 points: Exam 1 on Friday 8/19 (11:00-12:50 pm) 100 points Exam 2 on Monday 8/29 (11:00-12:50 pm) 100 points Lab Experiments and quizzes 80 points Discussion quizzes 40 points Attendance and Participation 10 points Final Exam on Friday 9/9 (11:00-12:50 pm) 200 points (20 points from the lab will be on the final exam) Total: 530 points Exams: There are going to be two exams and a final examination during this quarter. The first exam will be held on Friday 8/19 (11:00-12:50 pm) and the second exam is on Monday 8/29 (11:00-12:50 pm). The final exam will be held on Friday 9/9 (11:00-12:50 pm). Rooms for the exams will be announced prior to each exam. Examinations will cover material from the lecture, reading, and discussion sections. The final exam is cumulative. All exams may have multiple choice type questions, fill-in type questions, and short 2 answers type questions. Requests for regrades must be submitted in writing with a detailed explanation and justification. Regrade policy for each exam will be posted on the class webpage. Make-up Policy: No make up examination will be given. If you are unable to take an examination due to illness or other emergency, you are responsible for contacting the Life Sciences Core Curriculum Office located in LSB 2305 before the examination. You are required to have written verification from a physician regarding the illness or emergency. Lecture Notes: Lecture notes are available on the class webpage ( Make sure you download the lecture notes before coming to class. Having the lecture notes with you will facilitate taking notes in class....
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LS_2_Syllabus_Sum_C_11 - 1 Life Sciences 2 Cells, Tissues,...

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