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MPotter_AIS Team_071811 - receivables and payables clerk,...

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AIS Team Page 1 Accounting Information System Team Melissa Potter Rasmussen College ACG4402/Accounting Information Systems Angeliki Javarinis, MBA, Professor July 18, 2011
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AIS Team Page 2 The first step in selecting an accounting information system is to assess the current software and to assess the needs that different departments have that are not currently being met. Another item to be assessed is futuristic needs or programs that will allow the business to operate proficiently and a software program that has the ability to grow with the company. A team will be comprised of different departments that will be actively involved in choosing our new accounting information system. The supervisor of shipping and receiving, production manager, controller, supervisor of the purchasing department, payroll department clerk, accounts
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Unformatted text preview: receivables and payables clerk, information technology manager, the accountant, and a software consultant will be included in the selected team. Of course information from other sources will be collected and used in the assessment. This mixture of different personal will help to identify the current needs and the future needs that may arise as the company grows. The team should be comprised of individuals that not only use the system hands on but who also uses the information to help make important decisions for the company. The team consultant will not be affiliated with any software companies so that his or her advice will be impartial. Observing and assessing the information technology needs can be a timely and costly venture and should include as much information from as many sources as possible....
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MPotter_AIS Team_071811 - receivables and payables clerk,...

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