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Buckman’s Laboratories Melissa Potter Rasmussen College B460/Strategic Management April 17, 2011 Matthew Schigur
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1. Buckman Labs has become a learning organization. Buckman Labs strategic plan to succeed in the new technological world included sharing and learning knowledge. By incorporating a network of communication, the employees was able to share their knowledge and learning and other’s in the company was able to expand on this previous knowledge rather than start from square one. 2. Participating in a global market where knowledge is the key point to success, it became necessary to refocus its strategies and unite in their efforts. Many of Buckman’s competitors are larger than they and communication and the access to information became the key point to their success. Even with inventing the new software the enabled its employees to correspond to each other globally, additional incentives to share this information had to be made. This was done by only providing benefits that were previously given to their employees by using and sharing the knowledge that each person had. This was necessary in a global
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MPotter_Buckman Labs_041711 - Buckmans Laboratories Melissa...

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