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MPotter_Comparison Marx & Smith_060411 - -Government...

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Page 1 Comparison Chart Melissa Potter Rasmussen College G440/Political Thought June 4, 2011 Aimellia Siemson
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Page 2 Karl Marx Vs. Adam Smith - Father of Communism - Father of Capitalism - Governmental intervention in equalization - No intervention, everyone fend for themselves - Iron Fist Leadership/Opposition is punished - Invisible hand/Free reign - Advocated large interfering government - Advocated small unseen government
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Unformatted text preview: -Government collects money and redistributes wealth-Government protects people and their property from theft-Man works for the benefit all of mankind with an end result of benefiting his self and family-Man works to benefit himself and his family with an end result of benefiting society-More power to government-More power to the people-Government involvement in all areas of peoples lives-Little governmental involvement in some areas of its peoples lives. ....
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MPotter_Comparison Marx & Smith_060411 - -Government...

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